A 5k a day…

Wait–a 5k a day? Never mind. I’m definitely the wrong author for that post!

I dohowever, try to run an organized race every couple months, if only to put some motivation into my runs. Recently, I ran for Northwest Veg’s “Race for the Animals.”

Northwest Veg is a fantastic vegan community located in Portland. I discovered it last year during the annual VegFest, at which the honorable Ginny Messina, MS RD herself spoke! If you’re vegetarian or vegan-minded like myself, you can score some sweet deals by becoming a member of NWVeg. They offer discounts to local supportive restaurants and businesses and put on some fantastic events.

This particular race featured Out to Pasture, an amazing farm animal rescue located in Oregon.

As for the race itself…it was hard! Mount Tabor, an inactive volcano located on Portland’s east side, is just that–a mountain. The first two miles of the race were gradually downhill, and my running buddy and I took off to make up for what we knew would be lost time on the way back. We were probably averaging a 7.5 or 8 min/mile (don’t be fooled–I’m usually much slower). The last mile uphill was rough, but we still finished in under 30 minutes.

If you haven’t done an organized race, what are you waiting for? I know it can be scary–I’ve only done three, but for each one I’ve woken up nauseous from fear I won’t be able to finish. But that’s so silly. Even if you ran a minute/walked a minute for the whole race, you’d still finish easily.

And what a rush! The energy from the crowd, the countdown from the clock, and the very last stretch of the course…it’s all worth it. Not to mention, races are usually funds for fantastic causes, and benefit both you and the community.

Oh, and how could I forget? The swag is awesome!


Super tasty snacks…but I really just needed my coffee after that early run.


Fact: neon kicks make you run faster.


Running always leaves you with a smile.

What races are you running soon? Leave a comment and tell me more!