PDX food cart

Spotlight on: DC Vegetarian Food Cart PDX

If you know anything about Portland, you’ll know that we’re pretty famous for our delectable and unique food carts. Seriously, the carts are a way of life here, and there’s one for every kind of craving you might have. The Food Network and Cooking Channel regularly feature Portland’s carts, too.

Some of my favorites include the Grilled Cheese Grill (and yes, they can make any one of their grilled cheeses vegan!), e-San Thai, Homegrown Smoker BBQ, and the Dump Truck — a truck devoted solely to dumplings. “Pods” are located in nearly all the neighborhoods around town, so you’re never far from a cheap, hot meal. Recent surveys estimate that we have over 600 carts in business!

I take that as a challenge.

Recently I visited DC Vegetarian Cart in SW Portland. I think the telltale sign of a successful vegan/vegetarian business is when it starts appealing to non-vegan consumers. If you read the Yelp reviews alone, herbivores and omnivores alike go crazy for DC’s offerings.

“I love this place like no other. They have never once disappointed me. The vegan cheesesteak with those thick chunks of seitan, the bacon cheeseburger with avocado, the daily soups, the italian sub…. every single item is worthy of some of your lesser friend’s lives.”

I concur.


“This place is like looking into the future. Like if we stopped growing animals just to eat them. And instead people went vegan – DC WOULD BE WHAT THEY ATE. They would crave this dank veggie cheesesteak made of luscious seitan cubes and ooey gooey daiya with sauteed bell pepper and onion.”

You know how omnivores tend to pity you for not being able to eat things like cheeseburgers and cheese steaks and grilled cheese? Point them directly to DC. This is the cart where you can get the greasiest, saltiest, melt-in-your-mouth-and-make-you-want-to-sit-on-your-couch-in-food-bliss-for-a-week all American food. Philly cheese steak? Check. Double bacon cheeseburger? Give me that. Chicken salad, grilled cheese, Italian sub? They’ve got it all at DC Vegetarian.


“No joke, I had a nightmare that it closed a few years back.”

I chose the bacon cheeseburger because I really needed that in my life, and I was not disappointed. The portion size was huge, and it only cost $6.50. Try not to drool.




My favorite part was the tempeh bacon. I was expecting some fakin’ a la Morningstar, but these homemade marinated bacon strips were a delightful surprise. And eating it on the nearby waterfront on a sunny fall day made for a fantastic food cart experience.

I’ll definitely be back to try DC’s other lunch (and breakfast!) offerings.